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Almond Physiology

Wednesday, October 30th

Jacky Edwards

Jacky Edwards – Agriculture Victoria

Integrated Disease Management in Almonds

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Grant Thorp

Grant Thorp – Plant and Food Research Australia

Almond Productivity: Tree Architecture and Development of New Growing Systems

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Tim Pitt

Tim Pitt – South Australian Research & Development Institute

SARDI Projects at the A.C.E Experimental Orchard

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Michael Treeby

Michael Treeby – Agriculture Victoria

Update on Agriculture Victoria’s Mildura Experimental Orchard and Victorian Research Developments

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Zelmari Coetzee

Zelmari Coetzee – Agriculture Victoria

Spur Dynamics

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Michelle Wirthensohn

Michelle Wirthensohn – University of Adelaide

Australian Almond Varieties – Breeding Update

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Everard Edwards

Everard Edwards – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Better Tree Performance and Water Use Efficiency Through Root System Resilience – Project Update

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Ben Hooper

Ben Hooper – South Australian Apiarists Association

Pollination Supply Issues

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Dane Thomas

Dane Thomas – South Australian Research and Development Institute

Managing Almond Production in a Variable and Changing Climate

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Variety Selection

Thursday, October 31st

John Fielke

John Fielke – University of South Australia

On Farm Hulling & Moisture Management

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Jason Deveau

Jason Deveau – OMAFRA Sprayers 101 (Guest of Citrus Australia)

Spray Application

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Mark Skewes

Mark Skewes – South Australian Research & Development Institute

Irrigation Best Practice Management

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