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Almond Physiology

Wednesday, October 31st

Brent Holtz

Brent Holtz – University of California

Orchard Renewal: Lesson learned from California

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Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham – Agriculture Victoria

Controlling Carpophilus Beetle

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David Madge

David Madge – Agriculture Victoria

Carob Moth: The Forgotten Grub

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Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie – Century Orchards

Practical Farm Processes to Conquor Orchard Pests

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David Haviland

David Haviland – University of California

US Experience with Navel Orangeworm

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Jacqueline Edwards

Jacqueline Edwards – Agriculture Victoria

An Integrated Disease Management Program for the Australian Almond Industry

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Paul Myler

Paul Myler – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

An India Economic Strategy

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Chris Joyce

Chris Joyce – Australian Nut Industry Council

Australian Free Trade Agreements

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Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt – The Demographics Group

Australia’s Palate Shift: How global influences are changing the way we eat

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Richard Waycott

Richard Waycott – Almond Board of California

Almond Industry Outlook – The Californian Perspective

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Variety Selection

Thursday, November 1st

Gavin McMahon

Gavin McMahon – National Irrigators’ Council

Water and Energy: Taking Control

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Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey – Goulbourn Murray Water

Choke or Bottleneck on Development

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Danny Le Feuvre

Danny Le Feuvre – Australian Bee Services

Pollination Supply and Demand

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Stephen Richards

Stephen Richards – Farm Waste Recovery

Recycling a Requirement of the Right to Farm 

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Joseph Ebbage

Joseph Ebbage – Almond Board of Australia

Marketing Australian Almonds: 15 Years Strong

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Alison Coates

Alison Coates – University of SA

Cognitive Research with Nuts – What we know so far and what we are testing

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Aranya Changaoprom

Aranya Changaoprom – Nutrition Australia

Almond Nutrition News

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Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson – Almondco Australia

Market Report

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Chanel Day

Chanel Day – Nielsen

Australian Consumer Market Overview

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Tim Pitt

Tim Pitt – SA Research and Development Institute

Characterising Constraints to Alternate Almond Production Systems

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Grant Thorp and Michael Coates


 Grant Thorp and Michael Coates – Plant and Food Research

Next Generation Growing and Handling Systems for Almonds

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