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Levies and Funding

Producers in the almond industry pay levies to the
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR),
who is responsible for the collection, administration
and disbursement of levies and charges on behalf of
Australian agricultural industries.
Agricultural levies and charges are imposed on primary
producers by government at the request of industry
to collectively fund R&D, marketing, biosecurity and
residue testing programs.


This levy is payable on almonds that are produced in
Australia and either sold by the producer or used by the
producer in the production of other goods.
Hort Innovation manages the almond levy funds which
are directed to R&D investments. The R&D levy is set
at a rate of 1 cent per kilogram for almond in shell, 2
cents per kilogram for shelled almonds and 1.5 cents
per kilogram of almonds in shell (Nonpareil). In 2015/16
total almond R&D levy receipts were approximately
$1.5 million. The R&D levy is matched by the Australian

In addition to levy funds for R&D the almond industry has established a Collective Industry Fund (CIF) being an additional voluntary grower contribution to manage development of future production systems best suited to Australian growing conditions. Contributions to this project are also being made by the South Australian and Victorian Governments with matching contributions by the Australian Government through the ‘Rural Research for Profit’ project ‘Advanced Production Systems for Temperate Nut Industries’.
During 2017 Hort Innovation developed a Strategic Investment Plan to assist in investing almond levy funds in priority areas identified and agreed by the almond industry.
The ability to deliver on all the articulated strategies (and investments) in an impactful manner will be determined by the ability of the statutory levy to provide the resources to do so. The SIP is also mindful of R&D investments through other pools and programs. This plan represents the Australian almond industry’s collective view of its R&D needs over the next five years (2017 to 2021). This plan was developed in consultation with Australian almond levy payers through a synthesis of pre-planning tailored for the almond industry, preparation including researching inputs, execution and validation including the opportunity for levy payers to comment on the draft SIP.
The almond Strategic Investment Advisory Panel has responsibility for providing strategic investment advice to Hort Innovation. Both Hort Innovation and the panel are guided by the strategic investment priorities identified within this plan.