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Why become a member of the ABA?

The Almond Board of Australia (ABA) is the peak industry body for the Australian Almond industry, representing and promoting the interests of almond growers, processors and marketers. As a member of the ABA you have a direct say about the future of the industry and direct access to your organisation.


The ABA undertakes industry-wide consultation to develop the Industry Strategic Plan which establishes funding priorities for the R&D and marketing programs. The ABA is managing the rapid expansion of our industry by facilitating effective communication and co-operation between all members of industry.

The ABA aims to keep members informed through a range of activities including:


    • Co-ordination of an annual almond industry conference
    • Distribution of a quarterly industry newsletter “In a Nutshell”
    • Conducting field days, workshops, training courses and regional meetings
    • Articles in the “Australian Nutgrower” Journal
    • Collection and distribution of industry statistics and information
    • Access to regularly updated information via the ABA website.

What are the Advantages of our Membership Structure?

    • Discounted Rate – Offers member organisations the opportunity to have multiple memberships within their company/organisation at less cost.
    • Organisational Membership – Better aligns with the culture of membership within the Association. Memberships will reside with the institution and not the individual.
    • Transferable Memberships – Although membership is individual, should a member leave his/her employment or transfer to another position within the company, ABA membership may be transferred to another individual within the same organisation if the member leaves their position.

What’s in it for me?

Supplementary Members receive:

    • Access to ABA staff for technical information
    • Discounts/Refunds on study tour prices
    • Access to R&D information including fact sheets, research results, reports, data and permits
    • Copies of research reports
    • Discount registration for conference and events
    • Field day and industry event invitations
    • In A Nutshell Quarterly Newsletter
    • Industry and marketing relevant e-blast information
    • Annual report
    • Media Releases
    • Statistics reports
    • Invitation to attend and speak at the ABA Annual General Meeting and HAL Annual Levy Payers’ Meeting

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Primary Members receive:

    • All of the above PLUS
    • Ability to be nominated as a ABA Board Director (Grower & Marketer Members ONLY)
    • Australian Nutgrower Journal Subscription

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Membership Categories

Grower Member

Available to all Australian Almond Growers*

    • Each legal entity is entitled to one membership and must appoint one person as their representative
    • Grower members may nominate staff or family members for Supplementary Membership
    • Grower memberships are divided into two categories based on area of almond plantings.

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Marketer Member

Available to processing and packing houses that service the Australian almond industry:

Each legal entity is entitled to one marketer membership and must appoint one person as their representative


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Associate Member

Available to any entities with an interest in the Australian almond industry, including but not limited to:

    • Industry Associates (ie Retailers, Machinery, Chemical, Fertiliser, Nurseries & Transport etc);
    • Researchers & Consultants
    • Investors

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How Does It Work?

Primary membership – Primary members renew their entire organisation’s existing members at one time. After renewing, the organisation will then have the option to add new or edit Supplementary members and submit payment for their membership dues. The Primary member is responsible for ensuring renewal and payment for all of the members within its organisation.


Supplementary membership – Individuals may register for membership and attach themselves to an active organisation as a Supplementary member, notifying the ABA of the Primary member of that organisation. The Primary member will receive an email notifying them of the application, which they will be asked to approve.

Supplementary members will generally be renewed by the Primary member from their organisation. When a Supplementary member belonging to an active organisation renews, he/she will remain as a Supplementary member of that organisation.

Supplementary membership is only available to those that have nominated a Primary member for their organisation.


Interested in becoming a member?
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Australian Almond Growers are defined as an individual, a corporation, an authority, an association or joint venture (whether incorporated or unincorporated), a partnership or a trust that grows almonds in Australia as a business or for commercial benefit and who either; paid levies to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, its successor or assigns, in the immediate preceding financial year; or has not less than 0.5 hectares of almonds under plantation under its management and control.
2 In the case of Registered Schemes (or Managed Investment Schemes) a Responsible Entity is entitled to one Grower Membership for each Registered Scheme (or individual project). A Registered Scheme has the same meaning as defined in section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).